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All Our Lives (Luna, #3) Violet Haze

All Our Lives (Luna, #3)

Violet Haze

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

An awesome ending to this trilogy!It was refreshing to read a story in which the male character isnt a total d-bag that the female character thinks she can save and reform. They have great chemistry together that seems so realistic.Jocelyn definitely has issues, and we learn a little bit in What He Desires, but her full story is finally revealed in this book, and its surprising. What I found to be even more shocking than the events surrounding the first three years of Jocelyns life, was how much Tobias and his family knew about the past. I can definitely sympathize with Jocelyn once she learns not only the entire truth, but the magnitude of everyone who knew what was going on. I was a bit confused as to why the events that happened during Jocelyns first three years occurred, but this is still one hell of a great series and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this one!