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Clutter Pots & Pans Helen McDonald

Clutter Pots & Pans

Helen McDonald

Published June 30th 2012
Kindle Edition
37 pages
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 About the Book 

When your life is falling apart around you, you lose your job, your bills are building up and you dont know which way to turn, you run around the kitchen banging your pots and pans above your head and your whole world is falling apart, how can you look up and think God can you really change my life around in an instance, a basic guide to help and understand that when things go very wrong in life, knowing God and putting your trust in Him, even through the storms in life, that you dont need to run around your kitchen but simply put your trust in the One who says Be still and know that I am God For God is bigger than our mountains, in fact Hes so big its amazing to know He holds the whole world in His hands and He has us right where He wants us, God laughs at our mistakes He also has a sense of humour but He loves us regardless and we simply have to trust Him through it all.