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Unwary Heart Anne Hampson

Unwary Heart

Anne Hampson

Published 1970
ISBN : 9780373013883
189 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

awful one ! the hero andrew actually judged people based on their clothes! just by looking at the heroine muriels sophisticated clothes n heavy makeup, he knew she was a slut!LOL. he decided 2 teach her a lesson- he was charm personified while at the same time he felt disgusted by her. muriel was such a fool dat she believed he was in love wid her. she did not understand his rejection after the cruise was over. she pestered him like a pathetic lovesick puppy!ofc it was not intentional, she always had valid reasons but it seemed like puppylove no matter what. she had a big problem in the area called pride bcoz she clearly had no pride!! its so disgusting- even at the end, she was the one apologizing bcoz she wanted a rich husband at the start. what girl does not dream of marrying a rich man!? yuck, i was disgusted. andrew was awful, mean n treated her like the lowest scum on earth. is dat a hero !?