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Conquering Algebra Word Problems Vince Gold

Conquering Algebra Word Problems

Vince Gold

Kindle Edition
48 pages
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 About the Book 

Here is a short read to help students asking themselves Isnt there a formula to use? After a brief description of what algebra is, this book takes a detailed journey through language and how to take the leap from words to variables within the mathematical rules. Verbs, adjectives and nouns are reshaped as operators, units and variables to build equations. Also included is a treatment on working with percentages and on dealing with units of measurement. Dozens of examples fill in the middle of this eBook sandwich offering a view of how the whole process can flow from sentences to equations. Example problems cover a wide variety of skill and background. The elementary student may want to skip over the trigonometry and calculus gravy to focus on the pre-algebra and geometry potatoes. There are lots of examples.